TJC Ventures Fishing Drone

TJC Ventures Fishing Drone

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Project Overview

TJC Ventures will be forming a team on Collaborizm to design their Fishing Drone prototype. Project Leader Harsha Alva will be leading the process a long with a few other core teammates who will be chosen shortly.


Dismantled F450 with CC3D to make way for APM 2.6

Goals of Prototype

A drone that can be launched into the air and controlled remotely.

Drone can travel over water.

Drone can release a fishing line.

Drone can hook fish then fly back to base.

Ownership of IP

TJC Ventures owns all IP. Collaborizm has been brought in for aid with our Research and Development process.

Collaborizm Team will be compensated with the sponsorship dollars provided by our team.

Core Team

Project Leader: Harsha Alva: $300
Project Leader.

Teammate 1: John Rodrigues: $200
Mechanical design ,prototyping ,CG calculation ,buying parts and computer aided designing

Teammate 2: Abhi Verma $200
Help with electronics and modeling.