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A static website built using React, Phenomic and your Collaborizm content.

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Project Overview

Learn how to build a responsive static website using Collaborizm as a Content Management System, leveraging your Collaborizm projects and profile posts.



The Collaborizm content is not fetched dynamically. Rather, it is pulled by a custom script and is built locally along with the rest of the website during development. Then, the build output is uploaded to the server.
Hence, the website is static.
In short, there are no XHR requests or live server-side code.



Front End

  • JS/ES6
  • React
  • Redux
  • Phenomic
  • Markdown

Dev Tools

  • Webpack
  • Babel
  • Postcss
  • Serve (release output debugging)


  • GitHub Pages
  • CloudFlare


How To Receive Resume Credit

Build one for yourself.


Teammates & Contributors I’m Looking For

All Collaborizm users are welcome to clone the repo and build a Collaborizm-powered website for themselves.


Where I Need the Most Help

Ideas and debugging.


Why Sponsor This Project?

  • Domain name and hosting costs.
  • Buy me a book/coffee for my efforts.


Why I’m Passionate About This Project

Badly needed a personal website to showcase my skills and projects.


Supporting Material & Info



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Sorry if I have missed anyone. I’ll be glad to add your name here if you get in touch with me.