Repairing a broken mouse.

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A few months ago, the right mouse button of my Logitech G300s gaming mouse stopped functioning. As I was busy with other stuff at that time, I kept it aside

Today, as I had nothing to do, I opened it up and repaired it. It was very easy and saved me a lot of money. The problem due to dirt accumulation on the contact area in the microswitch.

Mouse buttons use micro switches, mostly Omron D2FC-F-7N.


Things required

  1. Screwdriver set.
  2. Soldering iron.
  3. Soldering flux (paste).
  4. Solder wire.
  5. Desoldering wick.
  6. Solder.
  7. PCB vice (helping hands) - optional.



  1. Open up the mouse after removing the screws with the correct screwdriver. Also, unscrew the PCB from the enclosure. If the USB cable is wired to the board via a connector pair, unconnect them.

  1. Prepare the mouse for desoldering the spoilt micro switch.

  1. Start the iron and wait for it to heat up.

  2. Apply a bit of flux on the desoldering wick and push it into the PCB so that the leads (pins) of the faulty switch come through the gaps in the wick.

  3. Heat the pins of the switch till the solder on them is completely absorbed by the desoldering wick.
    Then remove the switch from the board.

  4. Open the micro switch and clean the contact surfaces.

  5. Close the micro switch.

  6. Resolder the switch to the PCB.

  7. If removed, connect the USB cable back to the PCB and put the PCB and other mouse parts in their proper places inside the mouse enclosure.

  8. Screw the PCB back onto the enclosure.

  9. Test if the buttons work.


I use this mouse both for gaming and programming as it comes with multiple profiles.
For gaming, I map a few mouse keys to the additional keys, for example, reloading, nading, crouching, etc.
As this mouse also comes with a macro function, I have configured a few to duplicate lines, copy and paste, etc and mapped to the extra keys for help during programming.

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