Portable car jump starter

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  • There is a serious risk of explosion and/or injury.
  • Do the electrical connections in the proper terminal order, i. e., connect positive to positive and negative to negative only.
  • I’m not responsible for any accidents.


This hack is for people living in colder climates where cars don’t start due to the cold. It could also be used when a car’s battery is depleted, irrespective of the climate.


Things required



  1. You may want to replace the EC5 connectors on most jumper cables with an XT60 male connector. Or you could also cut off the EC5 connector on the jumper and replace it with an XT60 male. This is based on the assumption that your lipo battery comes with an XT60 female connector.
  2. Connect the jumper to the lipo battery and then connect the clamps of the jumper to the car’s lead battery.
  3. Start the car.
  4. Disconnect the lipo battery and the jumper.

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