How to Earn Contributions on Collaborizm

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What is a Contribution?

A Collaborizm Contribution is a peer to peer review written by another user in the community testifying to a specific piece of help or effort you made to another project or person.

For Example

I personally helped John Rodrigues with the circuit design task on his Project. When John saw this effort, he awarded me a Contribution, which you can see on my profile. Essentially, it’s a way to say thanks, and give credit to users for helping you in a meaningful way.

How to Award a Contribution

Click the award contribution button on the bottom middle of any discussion. It’s easy. Make sure to give credit where credit is due.

Why Contributions are Gold

➡️ Contributions help generate your real life Resume! (These peer to peer reviews form credible additions to your resume, cv, and project portfolio).

➡️ Contributions users earn are a critical factor for the Collaborizm team when evaluating candidates for the 💸 The Collaborizm Innovator Fund 💸. (The Collaborizm team always gives priority to top contributors.)

The Contribution Showcase

An awesome feature on Collaborizm is the Contribution Showcase. This is an updated stream of all contributions awarded in the community.

So start contributing and building your documented resume! 💡 🏆